François Jacono

President / Comunicodocus

A former athlete, François has more than 20 years of experience in communications, advertising and radio.

François is in charge of customer relations and business development.

Laurent Dagas

Associated Director / Stratégosaure

A mountain and trail runner fan, Laurent has 15 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing and advertising.

Laurent is in charge of leading business relations and assisting clients on strategic and editorial issues.

Stéphanie Landrein

Designer / Graphosaure

Passionate about interface design and ballroom dancing, Stéphanie graduated from the prestigious Gobelins School and ECV.

She is responsible for the UI Design at Make Me Screen.

Alexandra Cannamela

Project Manager / Projectosaurus

Fluent in french, english and also spanish, Alexandra comes from the sunny southside of France, loves travelling and polar blankets, to keep her warm during winter in Paris !

Alexandra is our project manager, caring of all our customers.