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Customer objectives

Adisseo is among world leaders in animal nutrition generating a 1.36 billion euros turnover in 2017 with over 2,500 customers. They are committed to  feeding the planet in a high-quality, affordable, safe and sustainable way.

Adisseo ambitioned to offer new services to their employees by feeding the the “village square”screen, their common living space at the headquarter building in Antony (near Paris).

MakeMeScreen’s contribution

From now on MakeMeScreen provides Adisseo several live feeds (international, economic and cultural news, traffic information, weather, public transportation around the site).

MakeMeScreen created a motion design animation of Adisseo’s corporate identity to give rhythm to digital content and to value the brand.

Overcoming challenges

  • Create a visual animation inspired by the brand values and territory
  • Provide 18 live automated feeds matching the brand visual identity