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Client objectives

By the end of 2017, the French media leader Amaury Group [L’Équipe daily sports newspaper, A.S.O. organizing Tour de France or Paris Dakar races, etc.] moved to new building to gather all teams which were previously separated and reinforce Group cohesion.

In the new building, Amaury located a screen wall at the reception and dynamic billboards on each floor landing. Screens bring forward Group identity, news and skills.

MakeMeScreen’s contribution

We helped the Amaury Group define and produce the initial content for screens on-site:

  1. Create video loops to enhance the group’s key activities (L’Équipe, A.S.O.)
  2. Inform and accompany employees during the relocation process
  3. Design an animated visual identity for the Group to be displayed on screens
  4. Perform floor signage directory

Overcoming challenges

  • Coordinate, produce and broadcast just in one week
  • Create a unique Group animated content
  • Optimize broadcast quality for the screen wall (7 sq.m)
  • Assemble / Produce / Cut out about 1hour of video