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Client’s objectives

La Française des Jeux has deployed an internal digital signage network on their new site in Boulogne-Billancourt, with large 55” interactive screens.

The screens offer new functionalities to the users of the building: room reservation, wayfinding on the basis of 3D plans of the building, searching for rooms and collaborators. The screens are positioned in the flow zones (atrium, reception, lift levels).

La Française des Jeux was searching for a way to better relay and structure a plethoric internal communication and to reach all employees. The digital signage has been designed to be a communication channel.

The contribution of MakeMeScreen

  • MakeMeScreen has imbibed the company’s corporate culture and internal communication practices to make editorial and creative proposals ahead of screen deployment.
  • MakeMeScreen has designed a dynamic content toolbox that can be combined to punctuate mailing lists: logo animations, thematic jingles and PowerPoint templates. They allow the customer to create impactful and consistent content on screens
  • MakeMeScreen has also created animated signage to indicate the positioning of the different directions on all floors and facilitate the way of visitors.

Challenges identified

  •  24 declensions of the logo realized in portrait and landscape formats
  • 10 thematic jingles
  • 35 signage contents for each screen
  • 20 animated PowerPoint templates, following each content section