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Client objectives

 SharingCloud is a software company specializing in the digitization of workspaces that has developed numerous solutions for employees, for general services and for visitors of companies.

The challenge was for SharingCloud to be able to present a whole technological offer in a fun and educational way, focusing on customer uses.

The created content had to be able to adapt on all platforms, from the web to the digital signage that can be shown during the shows.

MakeMeScreen’s contribution

  • We created an original, animated graphic universe, with stylized characters and places
  • We proposed a storytelling linking the different use cases employees may have with SharingCloud solutions during a simple workday
  • We chose to keep it short to make sure easy employee appropriation. Our video uses no technical vocabulary and presents a simple and acculturated representation of the company.
  • We then produced additional video content in the same tone and style, zooming on key software functionalities

 Overcoming challenges

  • 2’35” of video motion design for a clear overview of all SharingCloud solutions
  • Editorial design, script, voice-over and animation by MakeMeScreen [together with our partner La Cave]
  • Content adaptation for mute broadcast
  • 5 videos produced (digital signage, flexoffice, roombooking…)