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Client objectives

 Thales is one of France’s technology leaders in the field of space, defence, security and land transportation. In Lambersart near Lille, Thales aimed to provide useful information to employees on screens in shared building spaces. For instance real-time train schedule to Paris, or estimated road travel time to reach Paris… and the sister location for Thales! In addition, Thales intended to use touch screens at specific locations inside the building to launch and display short introduction videos to visitors.

Since moving in Lambersart in 2003, Thales has progressively deployed new activities, serving NATO and the armed and security forces around the world. Thales contacted us for feeds creations for his site in Lambersart.

MakeMeScreen’s contribution

MakeMeScreen provides Thales with live feeds to estimate and secure travel to and from Lambersart (real-time transportation information to railway stations in town, availability of bicycles at the nearest stations,…)

MakeMeScreen developed an interactive interface which can be managed by Thales and which enables to launch videos at any location equipped with a touch screen inside the building

Overcoming challenges

  • 3 tailor-made live feeds produced for Thales Lambersart
  • 1 interactive menu to manage and launch 13 presentation videos of all on-site activities