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Client objectives

La Française des Jeux, the french national lottery, deployed in 2018 an internal digital signage network at their new HQ site in Boulogne-Billancourt. implementing large 55 inch touch screens.

Screens offer new functionalities to the building users: room booking, 3D wayfinding, searching for rooms and collaborators. They are positioned in the main flow zones (atrium, reception, floor landings).

La Française des Jeux was seeking better relay and consistency for plethoric internal communications. From the start digital signage was considered as a standalone communication channel.

MakeMeScreen’s contribution

  • MakeMeScreen immersed in the company’s corporate culture and internal communication processes to make editorial and creative recommendations ahead of content production.
  • MakeMeScreen designed a dynamic toolbox with content to be combined in signage loops: logo animations, thematic jingles and PowerPoint templates. They allow the customer to create impactful and consistent content on screens
  • MakeMeScreen also created a signage directory to indicate at each floor the positioning of the different departments.

Overcoming challenges

  • 24 different versions of the animated logo produced in portrait and landscape formats
  • 10 thematic jingles
  • 35 signage directory loops for each screen on each floor
  • 20 animated PowerPoint templates, following each content section